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Checkered Mocha Coffee Cake by The-Ice-Youkai Checkered Mocha Coffee Cake :iconthe-ice-youkai:The-Ice-Youkai 4 1 Mocha Coffee Cake by The-Ice-Youkai Mocha Coffee Cake :iconthe-ice-youkai:The-Ice-Youkai 2 0 Baked Alaska by The-Ice-Youkai Baked Alaska :iconthe-ice-youkai:The-Ice-Youkai 1 0 Chocolate Egg house 2 by The-Ice-Youkai Chocolate Egg house 2 :iconthe-ice-youkai:The-Ice-Youkai 1 0 Chocolate Egg house by The-Ice-Youkai Chocolate Egg house :iconthe-ice-youkai:The-Ice-Youkai 0 1 Apple Turnovers by The-Ice-Youkai Apple Turnovers :iconthe-ice-youkai:The-Ice-Youkai 0 0 Zeppoli by The-Ice-Youkai Zeppoli :iconthe-ice-youkai:The-Ice-Youkai 0 0 Mini Opera Cake by The-Ice-Youkai Mini Opera Cake :iconthe-ice-youkai:The-Ice-Youkai 0 0 Mini Tiramisu by The-Ice-Youkai Mini Tiramisu :iconthe-ice-youkai:The-Ice-Youkai 0 0 Mini Ferrero Roche Cake by The-Ice-Youkai Mini Ferrero Roche Cake :iconthe-ice-youkai:The-Ice-Youkai 0 0 Mini Mocha by The-Ice-Youkai Mini Mocha :iconthe-ice-youkai:The-Ice-Youkai 0 0 Hazelnut Mini Cake by The-Ice-Youkai Hazelnut Mini Cake :iconthe-ice-youkai:The-Ice-Youkai 0 0 Buttercream Rose by The-Ice-Youkai Buttercream Rose :iconthe-ice-youkai:The-Ice-Youkai 3 0 What chu lookin' at? by The-Ice-Youkai What chu lookin' at? :iconthe-ice-youkai:The-Ice-Youkai 3 1 Chocolate Chubby by The-Ice-Youkai Chocolate Chubby :iconthe-ice-youkai:The-Ice-Youkai 1 0 Petite Fours by The-Ice-Youkai Petite Fours :iconthe-ice-youkai:The-Ice-Youkai 2 0

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Fanart Practice by vagab0nda Fanart Practice :iconvagab0nda:vagab0nda 242 4
Human!Scar x Reader (Lion King)

*(Y/N)'s P.O.V*
Mufasa the king of pride rock had recently passed, the females of our tribe took the time of no reign to kick me out of the tribe. There was no real reason, they just didn't like me because of my refusal to 'mate' with our king.
So i walked the desert alone no food, no water and only rags too cover myself, with whereas in the tribe i'd have a dress with jewellery for being in the king's harem despite ever having any relations with him, due to my refusal. But Mufasa was a good man so he never forced anything on me if i didn't want to.
I sighed wiping the sweat off my forehead with the back of my forearm, in any moment i could have a heat stroke, and if this was a story of some sort i probably would.
My vision began to grow blurry and i saw triple of everything, not that there was much to see. My legs dragged through the sand an
:iconjazz-demo:Jazz-demo 607 62
Male!Azula x Reader

*(Y/N)'s P.O.V*
I was sold by my parents, but it's not what you think. They did it for me, they sold me to the royal family knowing I'd have a better life then as a beggar. I haven't seen them since I was sold, which was when I was 8 years old. I don't blame them for selling me but I wish there would've been an alternative.
I carried a tray of steaming tea towards the crown prince, Azulo (happy now? Please try not too upset my readers with your coomments). I knocked on his door and waiting for him to give me permission to enter, making sure to keep my eyes glued to the ground. I still had the scar from what happened when I accidentally looked him in the eyes.
He was laying back on his bed one arm propped behind him to keep him up, one leg was stretched out in front of him the other bended upwards supporting his free hand.
He had a bored expression on his face until I walked in, then a his familiar smirk appeared. I knelt beside his bed my head down
:iconjazz-demo:Jazz-demo 261 34
Kinky pervert (Tokyo Ghoul - Uta x Reader)
"I can't thank you enough, Uta! If it weren't for you, I'd still have to carry at least 10 boxes."
You flashed the male ghoul beside you a bright smile as you put the carton you were carrying down on the floor next to many other moving boxes.
"Don't mention it, (f/n). We're old friends, after all, aren't we?"
Even though his words kept a kind tone, Uta's expression remained completely blank to which you couldn't but crack a small smile.
Uta hadn't changed at all since you'd seen him the last time – and that was nearly 6 years ago. He was still the nice and friendly, even if sadistic, guy with the expressionless face. Back then you'd been good friends with him, Itori and Yomo and you guys had used to constantly hang out together.
It really was a coincidence that you'd run after all those years again into your tattooed friend and your small smile turned into a wide grin as various memories about 'the good old days' with your childhood friends flashed through your mind.
"So, which c
:iconkangaroo1810:KangaRoo1810 464 101
One-sided UltronxReader //Hope You Die in a Fire//
I really hate you

Stop getting in my way
I lost my patience
When are you gonna decay
I want to throw you out
Just like my broken TV
If you'll come back once more
It will be painful you'll see

        Embers flare all around, and bottles of ash swirl between the two beings among the woods. With a gritty crack the machinery stares at you, eyes reflecting the flames of the city, of a broken drone, a failure of a creation. And as you stroll up to him, skin white as snow, as the pale corpses whose death was inevitable, he couldn't help but feel so vile. To Ultron, you were doomed for failure, for death, yet to him, among the others, you were special. And that was the reason why he hated you.
"You're afraid aren't you?" His mechanic jaw opens, but stirs back shut. Angrily you motion to the setting around, hands in the air as you twirl with the grey breeze. "Was this what you wanted Ultron?!
:iconx808crystal808x:x808Crystal808x 47 19
Royal Pain~ Eustass Kid x Reader pt2

         He was... Distracted? Kid frowns at himself as he catches himself looking at the castle again. Since the incident yesterday he couldn't seem to focus on anything. It bothered him that someone, a princess would come to aid him. He groans, rubbing his temple. 'I need to get off this damn island...' He thinks to himself, standing up. 'Wonder if I'll see her--' Kid swiftly shakes his head swiftly. 'Stop thinking about her! She's a princess! I'm just a pirate!' He scolds himself before heading. He walks aimlessly through the kingdom streets, eyes drawn to the castle often.
         "HaHAHa! I'm GoNNa SnAG Me A pRinCEss!" A drunken voice catches his ear as he passes a tavern. Kid's eyes narrow and he approaches the tavern, peering in to see a disgusting old pirate making lewd gestures grinning pervertedl
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 150 33
Shades (Model!Alucard x Artist!Reader)
Here is a link to read
Will Only be updating on Quotev and Wattpad
:iconairnaxela:airnaxela 73 13
Sebastian x Thief!Reader |Opportunity|
London was a crueler place than it appeared. It was projected as a nice solace, where formalities are often shared, tea drank together - but you found none of that. The place you knew was a dark, inescapable fate. There was no place for you. You would never get the sweet taste of luxury on the tip of your tongue. You'd only know staleness and putrid scents, for the entire being for your lifespan.
How long would that last, though?
Your lungs were heaving. You tried your best to run with all your might, but your chaser was far too swift. It was almost as if he was mocking you, with his swift and elegant moves. He was taking his time, toying with you, just too irritate you or lower your guard. But it was so close. The small alley that you lived in; it was all so closed.
Maybe that fact was taunting you as well. At this point, you were unsure if you could make it. The moon was out, illuminating gently the dips and grooves of the cracked pavement you were sprinting on. Not a soul w
:iconattackonfanfiction:Attackonfanfiction 199 25
Peggy x Reader - La Vie En Rouge
“How do you do it?” You slam your lipstick container on the boudoir in a huff and resolve to fluffing your victory rolls in indignation. “Why do I look like I had some torrid affair with my pillow, when you’ve stepped off the covers of a Vogue lip commercial?”
Peggy looks down upon you with that enigmatic smile of hers, but doesn’t say anything as she lines her lips.
“Don’t be ridiculous, sweet, you look beautiful as ever.”
“That’s what you always say.” you mutter, chucking the lipstick out the window, hearing it shatter to pieces on the pavement. Peggy frowns at your behavior, but doesn’t say anything about it.
“You’re acting like a child, darling.”
“Who says I can’t? Even the girls down in the Griffith are strutting downtown with scarlet mouths.”
“And since when did joining the bandwagon seem appetizing to you?”
You snap your head up to her sharply. “Loo
:iconkatnisseverdeen4life:katnisseverdeen4life 50 6
Music of the Night [Sebastian x Reader] AU
( Please listen while you read!)
At the end of each day, when the sun vanishes behind the dips of the horizon, the golden paints of the sun sight now doused with shades of blue, glittering with delicate starlight, those below their celestial array retire to their homes, sink into their sanctuary of sleep and wait for the coming morn.
But, you await the night. As soon as you hear the grandfather clock announce the midnight hour, the solemn chimes reverberating throughout the house, prickles tingle along the lengths of your limbs, and your heart quivers with excitement, exhilaration that clouds all reason.
Never do you feel more alive than the moment darkness surrounds you with its chilling embrace, and the light of the moon greets you with cold but loving light, its glow lining the lacy curtains about your window, casting the gleam into the corners of your bedroom. A winter breeze leaks through the cracks in the walls and sends lit
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 271 86
Foxy x Reader x Mangle- Part 1
“What’s this?” You asked, flipping through the job postings in the newspaper. Your best friend (b/n) leaned over your shoulder, watching you with curious eyes.
“Looks like they opened Fazbear’s Family Diner again.” He commented. You nodded and grabbed your highlighter and circled it.
“Yeah, but under a new name. It’s apparently called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria.” You told him. “It’s been 3 years since they closed the Diner down, it’s about time they have a new start.” You said mostly to yourself.
You was now 18, just out of high school. The year was 1987, November 11. Apparently, this so called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria was looking for a person to serve the night shift. Watch the animatronics and make sure nothing gets in or out for 6 whole hours. Seemed easy enough, you thought to yourself.
“You gonna try for it?” (b/n) asked you. You nodded and picked up your brick phone. It was about
:iconvincebae:Vincebae 96 29
Admirer - Mike x Reader
You were in the girl's dorm. There was no way some unauthorised civilian from outside the military were allowed access into the building. Unless, they were military.
Your stomach churned anxiously, lips quivering in evident fear as you make your way down the empty hallways. Sounds were coming through from all directions, making it difficult for you to know where they were; even the tiniest of chirps from the cicadas outside made your nerves on edge. You couldn't concentrate. Staying calm was out of the question since this had been going on for months now.
You quicken your pace and made it into the safety of your room, making sure the door was locked before letting out a sigh of relief. You let yourself slid onto the floor with your back against the door, taking in a much-needed air for your tired lungs.
You scanned the modest space of your room to make sure that no one had entered while you were gone. Thankfully, not a soul was present except your own.
What had you done t
:iconjibbaxxx:Jibbaxxx 117 47
KnockOut-TfP by Smokescreen013 KnockOut-TfP :iconsmokescreen013:Smokescreen013 40 2
A new Adventure Connor x reader
The sun shined through the window as the sun rose from the night. You grimace as the light wakes you from your sleep. Letting out a sigh you got up from the bed that you and Connor share. Connor at the moment is out on a mission at the moment and has been gone for a few weeks but the other day Connor sent word that he would be heading home and should be arriving back to the homestead by midday. Giving a smile in excitement you quickly get dressed and go start making food for when he gets home.
As you come into the living area you let out a sad sigh. It sure has become quite different sense Achilles passed away. It really was sad, but you were happy that Connor   is taking good care of the home.
“Alright time to get things ready.” Heading to the kitchen you ate your breakfast as you started to get everything ready. While you were waiting for the water to boil you quickly run upstairs and opened a door that was right across your room.  A happy smile spread across yo
:iconpanda-otaku:Panda-Otaku 114 15



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I'm going to be posting pictures I've taken. Mainly of pastries I've made in pastry school, and any other nice thing that I've taken pictures of. Now, I'm no professional photographer, but I have a lovely new little digital camera that I love to use.

I've already started off with somepictures of cute little ducks that I took last summer.

Better than having nothing to submit at all, I say!
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